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The purpose and scope of the International Journal of Thermodynamics is to provide a forum for the publication of original theoretical and applied work in the field of thermodynamics as it relates to systems, states, processes, and both non-equilibrium and equilibrium phenomena at all temporal and spatial scales. The journal, thus, provides a multidisciplinary and international platform for the dissemination to academia and industry of both scientific and engineering contributions, which touch upon a broad class of disciplines that are foundationally linked to thermodynamics and the methods and analyses derived there from. A common thread throughout is that of assessing how both the first and particularly the second laws of thermodynamics touch upon these disciplines.



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Vol 17, No 3: Sept.2014

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

A Thermodynamic Study of Air Cycle Machine for Aeronautical Applications PDF
A.P.P. Santos, C.R. Andrade, E.L. Zaparoli
The Forms of Nitrogen in the Coal Char and Analysis of Char-nitrogen Conversion by TG-FTIR PDF
Jing Xin, Baomin Sun, ShuJian Yin, Hengyi Zhu, Qiang Liu, Xiao Luo, Haiping Xiao
The Thermodynamics of Exercise Science PDF
R. J. Simeoni

Invited ECOS Papers

Second Law Optimization of a PCM Based Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System with Tree Shaped Fins PDF
A. Sciacovelli, E. Guelpa, V. Verda
An Exergy-based MILP algorithm for Heat Pumps Integration in industrial processes PDF
F. Thibault, A. Zoughaib, S. Jumel
Exergy of Nano-Particulate Materials PDF
Ron Zevenhoven, Asfaw Beyene
Performance Characteristics and Optimal Analysis of an Energy Selective Electron Refrigerator PDF
Li Cong, Ruiwen Li, Xiaoguang Luo, Li Ma, Jizhou He
Thermoeconomic Analysis of Combined Production of Electricity and Second Generation Ethanol Based on the Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Sugarcane Bagasse PDF
D.N. Flório, S. Oliveira Junior
A New Criterion to Optimize ORC Design Performance using Efficiency Correlations for Axial and Radial Turbines PDF
Andrea Lazzaretto, Giovanni Manente

ISSN: 2146-1511